Digital Signage

There are a number of ways to make a TV screen usable as digital signage for your church:

  • Apple TV: Tutorial on how to connect content through your AppleTV 
  • A little device called the Raspberry Pi paired with display software or a kiosk app; examples from binary emotions: Also with Raspberry Pi, you can load Microsoft 10 Internet of Things (IoT) OS to provide a kiosk app. Or, you can use for more robust tools.
  • Something called the Micca Speck G2, a tiny media player
  • Some TVs can just load and loop content off a usb stick, but then you have to unload the stick to change content.
  • Wifi TV? Chromecast, Samsung AllShare Play, MiraCast, or Chrome Sign Builder.
  • Non Wifi TV? Check out the ViewSonic NMP-302w for a wireless connection to your PC with a centralized interface. Dynamic content including video streaming, web-based content, RSS feeds, etc and can be programmed on a schedule (i.e., show different things on Sundays than during the week).
  • For multiple screens and a customized professional solution, check out Products range from $450 and up.

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