1. What do we do as a church?

  • List your ministries, big and small. Then, write down your mission and goals. Rank your programs based on how well they fit with your stated mission and goals. Have you experienced “mission drift?” Before you focus on branding, you might need to refocus your work areas or even your core purpose, so be honest!

2. Who else does what we do?

  • How are you different than the church down the street? How are you different than other nonprofits in your community? What is unique about your church?

3. Who do we serve?

  • How many people daily, monthly, and annually both directly and indirectly are served by your church and in what ways? What are their demographics? How might you need to change your image/brand to appeal to a wider audience (ie, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the ends of the Earth.)

4. What would happen if we closed our doors? -and- What would happen if our ministry grew exponentially?

  • If you closed your doors, what would be lost in your church family? to the neighborhood? to the wider community? If the number of people served by your church through worship or ministry doubled, how would that change the culture of your church?

5. How do we see our church?

  • Identify 3 famous people/celebrities that have personalities that reflect your church values/personality. Are you Bono or are you Kanye? Are you Eeyore or Tigger? Are you Elton John or are you Mike Pence?

6. How do we want the community to see us?

  • Identify 3 values that you want the community to associate with you. Incorporate those values into the language you use, the materials you create, and your logo.
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