Best practices

Communication Guides

  • Standards and Policies
  • Communications Request Forms

Promotion Vehicles

  • Programs/Bulletins
  • Information Brochures
  • Banners
  • Newsletters: print and eNews
  • Website
  • Social/Digital Media
  • Signage: posters, banners, potty posters, digital signage


  • Printing / Copiers
  • Professional Services: outsourced graphics and design
  • Website
  • Meals and Gifts for Volunteers
  • Advertising
  • Licensing (software, photography, etc)
  • Supplies
  • Repairs
  • Equipment and Resources (What capital resources do you keep in house? Cameras, plotters, copiers, etc.

Challenges we face

  • Staff issues: “that other staff member that keeps using comic sans and clipart!”
  • Do we worship where we work?
  • Clutter: Less is more. What does this look like? What could you do that you choose not to do?
  • Burnout
  • Local network: a place to vent
  • Last minute planning
  • Leadership issues
  • Resourcing the vision
  • Excellence is expensive


  • Communicating your heart
  • Being innovative
  • Avoiding exclusivity
  • Being authentic
  • Being original
  • Being recognizable
  • Defining your target


  • Don’t reinvent the wheel: creative borrowing
  • How can we resource each other?
  • File sharing and graphic resource sharing



Have a suggestion?

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