Caffeinated Church Conferences...


All Communications Directors and staff in the Diocese should be required to attend the Caffeinated Church Conference! It would be especially important for those with limited knowledge of Marketing concepts, but it is a valuable review and update even for those with extensive experience. I have worked in PR, Marketing and Sales for 30 years; and I learned a lot! Thank you for a day well spent! It was worth every minute.
— C.J. Joplin-Jack

A day together

A regional conference for creative church collaboration in Colorado. Increase your creative output through hands-on training in the areas of graphic design, marketing/advertising, layout/design, and website development. We will discuss best practices, budgeting and resources for small to large parishes, challenges that we face, and more. Meet with leaders from other churches engaged in creative design and innovative communications.

On all fronts, we as the Church desire to raise the level of creativity in marketing, promotion, and communication with the end result of relevance and changed lives.

Through creative collaboration, we can encourage one another, grow through resourceful idea-sharing, and discover the potential within our gifts of creativity inspired by our Creator.

I felt this conference was packed full of information that was useful. It was not overwhelming and gave great tips for next steps, or where to start. We had opportunities to share our struggles and triumphs, so we really got to get resources from the other churches that had participants at the conference. I felt motivated and that I had a clear direction I could work towards after I left the conference. I also felt I had support and resources (which I started using right away!).
— Sarah Dougherty


•    Coffee. Lots of good coffee. Maybe scones.
•    Relationship building with other communicators and administrators in Colorado.
•    Training on how you and your volunteers can produce professional results.
•    Resources for graphic design, website management, eNewsletters, and more.
•    Practical wisdom on communicating at the parish level.
•    Marketing strategies for reaching your community outside your church walls.
•    Demonstrations of digital tools.

This conference gave me a sense of being moored in our larger Church community and reminded me that there are people and resources out there to support me. I felt motivated and excited at the end of the day. Thank you!
— Monica Cox


Anyone who is actively involved in communications and media at the parish level: Communications Leaders, Administrators, Graphic Designers, Editors, Creative Planners, Artists, Writers, & Photographers.