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Next Meeting: Monday, November 5
10:00 am PT / 11:00 am MT / 12:00 pm CT / 1:00 pm ET

Discussion Topic: What Advent resources do you share? What’s the best stuff out there? How are we incorporating The Way of Love into these resources? Join us for a time of collaborative sharing!

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Archived Meetings:

  • October 2018: Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age
    “The less people think about God, the less they talk about God.” As communicators, how do we encourage and equip people to share about God and their faith? Join us to discuss evangelism, communication, and technology, using the Barna report “Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age” as a prompt. Heidi Pitts, Director of Communications for The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, will facilitate the discussion.

  • September 2018: Advocacy Messaging and Resources for Advocacy Training
    At our September meeting, Alan Yarborough, Communications Coordinator and Office Manager for the Office of Government Relations, The Episcopal Church, walked us through the Office of Government Relations and provided resources for advocacy messaging.

  • August 2018: Becoming Beloved Community & Revivals
    At our August meeting, the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers led us in a discussion about Becoming Beloved Community and Revivals. What does it mean to be the Loving, Liberating, Life-Giving Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement? How are we working towards our commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice? How do revivals support our work in Evangelism?

  • June & July 2018: General Convention Pre/Post Discussions
    At our June and July meetings, we discussed General Convention. Duties of a communications person, things learned from last GC, resources to be aware of, events to know about, and more.

  • May 2018: Magazines & Newspapers
    Does your diocese have a magazine or a newspaper? Do you have a digital publication? Have you transitioned away from print, or are you transitioning to digital, or have you transitioned one way and now you are going back? What have your analytics shown you? What have you learned or what would you like to know from others who have been in your same shoes? Let's learn from one another.

  • April 2018: Email Marketing & Newsletters Talk
    What tools are you using for email marketing and newsletters? How are you segmenting your lists based on audience? Have you seen diocesan eNewsletters that stand out to you and why? What have your analytics told you about your audience and how have you changed your content or strategy to improve your communications?

  • March 2018: Audience and Communications Audit Talk
    At our March meeting, we discussed our audiences and communications audits. Who is your diocesan audience? Clergy, wardens, administrators, lay persons across your diocese, the wider Church? How do your various communications tools segment your audiences? What have you learned by trial and error? How are you expanding your reach? Have you done a communications audit? Let's learn from one another!

  • January & February 2018: Video Talk
    At these meetings, we discussed our video projects. We learned from one another what we are currently doing and what metrics of success are, we discussed our audiences, and what is on the horizon for us. We also talked a bit about other mediums of communication for a bit. At our February meeting, we built on our January conversation. Stephen Richards, Communication Specialist at the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, guided the conversation and shared how he tells stories through video. We talked through tools used for video, approaches, tactics, and shared resources with one another.

  • November 2017: Print Talk
    "Paper....dead, or no?" We'll discuss what print resources you provide (magazines/newsletters) and how you've seen them transition in the digital age, and how you see print resources in your future. Have you gone paperless for convention? What resources did you use? What did you learn from that experience? What counsel do you provide to churches who are asking the question of how to juggle print newsletters with eNewsletters and other print resources.

  • October 2017: Workflow Talk
    Do you feel like you manage your workflow in the best possible way? Do you rely on sticky notes, tools like basecamp or slack, stacks of emails, your memory? Task management is important in whole-team communication; we are often the hub of a flurry of activity in our offices and we sometimes drop a ball or two while juggling. Our collective wisdom as communicators might help point us in the direction of processes or tools, for both full-time and part-time communicators, that will help us be more effective and efficient in our daily work.

  • August 2017: Communications Systems Talk
    Communications Systems. "We have 10 systems and none of them talk to each other!" How do you connect your website, eNewsletters, database, registration systems, social media, and more to one another? How can your website be public facing, yet still serve the needs of your diocese to communicate leadership resources for your churches like health benefit information? We'll talk about all of these things together.

  • July 2017: Brand of The Episcopal Church and our own dioceses
    Branding discussion and defining our constituents/audience. What is our diocesan brand? What is the brand of The Episcopal Church? How do we help shape the brand of our own churches and dioceses as well as the greater brand of our denomination?

  • June 2017: Tech Talk
    We'll discuss video conferencing, regional media centers, making cameras/video available to churches, internet, databases, and more!

  • May 2017: Annual Conventions & General Convention Planning

Share what you are doing

Workshops, tutorials, trainings, presentations, handouts, & more that are being used by diocesan communicators to train parish communicators, administrators, clergy, and lay leaders.

If you have resources to share here for the purpose of collaboration between diocesan communicators, please email Mike Orr at Mike@EpiscopalColorado.org with a description of what you are doing in your own diocese and attach/link resources in your message to be posted here.

The Episcopal Church

Digital Evangelism: Building an Online Presence (.key) (.ppt) (.pdf)
Shared by Jeremy Tackett, Digital Evangelist

Marketing Your Parish: Advertising Best Practices for Effective Evangelism

The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona

Communications Resources List (.pdf)
Shared by Nicole Krug, Canon for Media and Communications

The Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast

Digital Disciples: Following Jesus, Today (.ppt)
Shared by Jenn Johnson, Missioner for Communications

The Episcopal Church in Colorado

Caffeinated Church Conference 1.0
Caffeinated Church Conference 2.0
Home: From the Community to the Kitchen
Shared by Mike Orr, Director of Communications

The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa

Ministry in Media: Using Social Media in Youth Formation Workshop (.ppt) (presenter notes .pdf)
Shared by the Rev. Meg Wagner, Communications Coordinator

The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan

Communications Tools for Evangelism (.ppt)
Shared by Katie Forsyth, Director of Communications and Public Engagement

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Communications Workshop (.pdf)
Communications Resources (.pdf)
Shared by Kelsey Schuster, Missioner for Communications

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas

The Episcopal Diocese of Texas recommends a number of articles, blogs, & resources to their churches created by Church Juice/Reframe Media & Monk Development/Ekklesia 360