Caffeinated Church Conference 1.0

The Caffeinated Church Conferences have been designed for creative church collaboration in Colorado. The goal of the conference for church staff and volunteers is to increase creative output through hands-on training in the areas of graphic design, marketing/advertising, layout/design, and website development. The conference explores best practices, budgeting and resources for small to large parishes, challenges that we face, and more. A lot of time is dedicated to collaboration amongst churches engaged in creative design and innovative communications.

On all fronts, we as the Church desire to raise the level of creativity in marketing, promotion, and communication with the end result of relevance and changed lives.

Through creative collaboration, we can encourage one another, grow through resourceful idea-sharing, and discover the potential within our gifts of creativity inspired by our Creator.

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For more information about this workshop, or to inquire about availability to lead this workshop in your diocese, please contact Mike Orr at